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Best Scooter Rental Service in Los Angeles, CA


Best Scooter Rentals Service in Los Angeles, CA

We offer wheelchairs and electric mobility scooters for renting at very low prices.

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We are the most low price scooter rental company in Huntington Park, Los Angeles, CA.

Roadster S4

$14.99 / Day
$100.00 / Week
$405.00 / Month

Roadster S3

$14.99 / Day
$100.00 / Week
$405.00 / Month

Roadster 3

$14.99 / Day
$100.00 / Week
$405.00 / Month

Roadster 4

$14.99 / Day
$100.00 / Week
$405.00 / Month

MS-3000 Foldable Mobility Scooter

$14.90 / Day
$100.00 / Week
$405.00 / Month

Keeping your scooter safe from vandalism and theft will no doubt be a priority, and its security features should help. First and foremost, you’ll want keyed ignition to ensure you’re the only one who can turn the vehicle’

Basket and other storage

Most scooters come equipped with at least a basket for storage, and you’ll soon find that yours is essential. In fact, the more storage you have, the easier life

Security Measures

When the weather starts to get colder and the days a little shorter, you’ll find your scooter lights are particularly important. 

Battery indicators

It won’t take long to appreciate how crucial your scooter battery is. It’s ability to hold a charge will influence your usage massively, so it’s well worth investing in one that fits your needs


Reliable, affordable, and convenient scooter rentals service in Huntington Park, Los Angeles, CA.


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