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DMG Scooter Rentals is an electric mobility scooter hire service provider located in Huntington Park, CA. Founded on the belief that affordable healthcare service is the right of all Americans irrespective of their social and economic status, the DMG Scooter Rentals’s portable mobility foldable scooter rental services make the rent of mobility scooters for the sick, disabled, and
elderly people mobility use possible. The DMG Scooter Rentals scooters are lightweight foldable electric scooters made from durable upholstery leather with adjustable seats and leg rest that guarantees maximum comfort, promote satisfaction, and are best suitable for post-hospitalization recuperation, especially for people with mobility difficulty. The medical electric mobility scooters from DMG Scooter Rentals are rechargeable and self-propelling motorized scooters that not only save the elderly and disabled from the burden of over-dependence on caregivers but also give them a sense of mobility freedom. The lightweight foldable feature of DMG Scooter Rentals mobility medical scooters makes them less space-consuming, easy to move around, and convenient to use both indoors and outdoors. The services of DMG Scooter Rentals extends across all parts of California thereby making it the most reliable plug for all kinds of medical and cruise mobility scooter hiring service provider that is nearest to you.

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Our Core Values

Fulfilling the mobility dream andpromoting healthy living for elderly and disabled Americans
through quality and affordable motorized medical mobility scooter rental service.

Top Mobility Scooter Rental

With about 10% of the population of Los Angeles being persons with disability, DMG Scooter
Rentals has the responsibility to provide seamless, comfortable and affordable mobility scooter
rental services for the disabled and elderly with mobility difficulties. As a subsidiary company of
DMG Wellness, the DMG Scooter Rentals’ medical mobility scooters are lightweight, foldable,
comfortable, and easy to maneuver thereby making it easy to transport, store, and use for medical
and cruise purposes both at home and outdoors.

Security Measures

The DMG Scooter Rentals motorized scooters come with unique security features that not only
guarantee users’ privacy but equally safeguard against theft and vandalism. They have keyed
ignitions which gives the renters of the cruise mobility scooter sole access to the vehicle’s
ignition. The mobility scooters for rent near you are foldable and lightweight thereby consuming
less space and easy to secure from theft and unauthorized access

Basket and Other Storage

The DMG Scooter Rentals motorized mobility scooters for rent also come with multiple uses.
They have at least a storage basket that makes them suitable for small-scale shopping. The
storage can also be used to keep snacks and foods when used as disabled medical scooters,
elderly mobility scooters, or cruise mobility scooters